Mayor Williams will call for jetty feasibility study

Mayor Karen Williams will call for a full study into the feasibility of constructing a new jetty in the Redlands, if re-elected on March 28.

Cr Williams said many people supported calls for a new jetty as an added attraction for Redlands Coast.

“Jetties around Australia and around the world have a special significance for their communities, often as an integral part of local history and as a magnet for locals and visitors alike,” she said.

Karen Williams, Redland City Mayor

“We have all walked along jetties and experienced the special allure they seem to have and this is probably what has prompted so many Redland Coast residents to call for a new jetty here.”

“Jetties have been part of the Redlands since the first public facility was built at Cleveland Point in 1866. That jetty stretched far into Moreton Bay towards Peel Island before being shortened and then demolished in more recent years.”

“Many longer term residents, like myself, will have very fond memories of the Cleveland jetty, which was located alongside the Courthouse Restaurant and drew thousands of visitors each year.”

“It was not just an experience to walk along the jetty but it was considered the best shore-based fishing platform in the Redlands.”

“It was a sad day for many when the jetty was demolished because it was deemed too dangerous to remain open to the public.”

“There have been calls for a new jetty to be built almost since that day, with advocates becoming more vocal in recent years.”

Cr Williams said she was inspired during a trip to Perth in 2017 by the potential of jetties to provide access to foreshore areas.

“During that trip I saw great examples of jetties being fantastic tourist attractions because they provided unique access to the foreshore and this rekindled my own memories of jetties in the Redlands,” she said.”

“Following that trip I have spoken with potential partners about building a jetty here in the Redlands and commit to working with Councillors to complete a full feasibility study and public consultation for a jetty in the Redlands.”

“There are some great areas within the city that could be perfect for a jetty, including the land Council recently purchased for public uses adjacent to the historic lighthouse at Cleveland Point,” she said.

“It’s time for a full feasibility study so we can then ask the community whether they support construction of a new jetty and, if so, where it should be built and what shape it should take.”

“We have more than 300km of coastline in the Redlands and a jetty would help us provide better access to our magnificent Moreton Bay.”