Mayor Williams advocates for Redlands Coast water park

Redlands Coast may get its own South Bank-style water park as part of the master-planned Shoreline development, thanks to representations by Mayor Karen Williams.

Cr Williams said she had been in discussions with Lend Lease to incorporate a water park into its $2.4 billion masterplanned community.

Karen Williams, Redland City Mayor

“Residents have told us that the one lifestyle facility missing from Redlands Coast is a water park and I agree, which is why I have written to Lend Lease asking them to include one for our local families as they have in other communities.”

“Following my request I met with Lend Lease who committed to progressing plans further for Council to consider, which I hope to be decided by Council before the end of the year.”

“This is exciting for local families. All you have to do is look at what they have delivered in other communities to imagine what this sort of facility could deliver for the Redlands.”

Cr Williams said her approach to Lend Lease followed a 2016 Council decision to explore the construction of water parks across the city.

“The investigation that followed this resolution showed the best way to deliver such infrastructure was through a private project such as a master planned community like Shoreline,” she said.

“Waterparks such as that seen at South Bank have become part of the Australian lifestyle and are typically delivered through private developments such as Shoreline.”

“Council receives regular feedback from residents that they would love to see a similar project in the Redlands and if re-elected Mayor I am committed to working with my fellow Councillors and Lend Lease on this exciting project.”