Ageing Centre of Excellence

A re-elected Mayor Karen Williams will work with private and public partners to deliver an ageing centre of excellence in the Redlands.

Karen Williams, Redland City Mayor

Mayor Williams said that with a vibrant ageing community and strong economic opportunity from the health and social services sector she had formed a partnership to deliver what would be a national first.

“This is an exciting project that would deliver not only for our local seniors but also local businesses and employees,” Mayor Williams said.

“I have been working on this concept for the past three years after discussing international education opportunities in the aged care sector while in Japan in 2017.”

“It was during those discussions that I became convinced such a facility would deliver exciting benefits in the Redlands and I have been out and about speaking with service providers and local businesses to develop a partnership to take the project forward.”

“Recently I hosted a roundtable with interested organisations and I am keen to hear from others who may also want to be included in the future planning of the facility.”

Mayor Williams said the project would provide a centralised facility for service providers, seniors groups and health professionals, providing a one stop shop for local seniors to receive the support they need.

“By 2041 the number of people aged 65 and over is expected to almost double and make up almost 30 per cent of the local population; so it is incumbent on us as a community to lay the foundations to support those seniors and this project will do just that.”

“Just as importantly it will provide real economic opportunity with the health and social services sector being one of our fastest growing economies.”

“Health care and social assistance is our city’s largest and fastest growing sectors, generating almost 3000 new jobs in the last decade and this facility will help train our aged care workers and medical professionals of tomorrow.”

“I have also discussed the possibility of this facility training international students through a partnership with a university, providing an opportunity for cultural exchanges and higher education.”

“Obviously the project will need to stack up from a planning and financial perspective and there is still more work to be done in that space, but already we have gained some serious momentum which is very exciting.”

“We are already seen as a location of choice for seniors and this project has the potential for us to become an international leader in ageing.”

“If re-elected as Mayor I am committed to working with local service providers, my fellow Councillors and other levels of government to make this project a reality.”